Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We are one of the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of woven technical textiles. Our market focus is on selected applications in Indutech, Mobiltech, Buildtech, Geotech, Agrotech, Protech, Medtech and Sporttech end-use markets. We believe that the success of our customers is the basis for our success. Our goal is to provide optimum results and sustainable solutions by pushing our technical knowledge, practical experience and state-of-the art technology and processes to the limit. We believe that ‘on-spec, on-time, on-budget’ is key for our customers – therefore, it’s key for us.


Our success is based on 4 pillars:




We believe that great results can only be achieved in close cooperation with our customers, end-users and with our suppliers. We are continuously investing in technology to produce unique fabrics, consistent quality and to expand our scope of processes.

Most recent investment examples include a fully automatic chemical dosing station, open-reed weaving, 2D-laser cutting, laboratory and inspection equipment, and the warehouse expansions in Portugal, Czech Republic, and in the USA.

We believe in continuous improvement and in workflow optimization to get better and to increase efficiency year after year. Today, our sites belong to the most modern and efficient production facilities for technical fabrics – worldwide.







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