Research & Development

Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) plays a significant role in increasing our competitiveness in the long term. We closely watch the trends in our target markets and where we can contribute to develop innovative solutions beyond the state-of-the-art. Examples are light-weight solutions, solutions for high temperature applications or innovative composite structures.







We have built up a strong multi-disciplinary team of experts who interact closely with leading companies, leading fiber producers, universities and institutes. This strong intelligence network is the foundation of innovative and value-added solutions which will hit the market in 5-10 years.








Project „ThermFire4Woven“

OLBO & MEHLER takes part in an innovation project called “ThermFire4Woven”. The project is focused on the development of light-weight components with outstanding thermal/fire, chemical and mechanical resistance, mainly for applications in the building and transportation industry. Solutions will be based on advanced textile fiber structures with specific finishes, surface treatments and coatings.

A consortium of the following companies and organizations was formed to make this project a success:

OMT Olbo & Mehler Tex Lead Promoter
CEiiA Center of Engineering and Product Development Co-Promoter
CVR Center for the Valorization of Waste Co-Promoter
PIEP Innovation in Polymer Engineering Co-Promoter
UM University of Minho Co-Promoter

Designation of the Project
ThermFire4Woven – Advanced finished Fibrous Structures with high thermal efficiency and high fire resistance

Project Code

Main Objective
Reinforcing the research, technological development and innovation


Beneficiary Entity
Olbo & Mehler Tex

Approval Date

30.04.2018 – 29.04.2021

Total eligible cost
1.113.167,55 €