An aerostat is an aircraft that is lifted through the use of a lighter-than-air gas. Aerostats comprise unpowered balloons and powered airships. Airships can be categorized into rigid, semi-rigid and non-rigid types, whereas the last ones are often known as blimps.

In military applications, aerostats are used as surveillance systems in low as well as very high altitudes. These defense systems can provide continuous round-the-clock target detection Information, e.g. to monitor, support and secure ground operations.







We develop and manufacture woven fabrics to reinforce aerostats which are used in civil and military applications. In close cooperation with aerostat producers, we develop tailor-made sectional reinforcement fabrics to provide strength and other performance properties to critical parts of the aerostat. We use exclusively high tenacity aviation-proved polyamide yarns. Optimized fabric constructions, designs, and coatings based on our long-term experience are our key to success.