Airbag systems

Airbags are designed to inflate faster than the blink of an eye, if a collision occurs. An airbag is a shaped nylon-fabric pillow that is filled with nitrogen gas within milliseconds when deployed. The deployment is a directed and contained explosion – a process that releases enormous forces.

One critical part of an airbag system is the airbag cover. During the activation of an airbag, it is important that the airbag cover does not separate from the vehicle to prevent occupants from getting hurt by a flying cover. Suitable textile hinge nets connected to the airbag, the cover and the vehicle, take over this role.




We develop and manufacture woven fabrics which are used for hinge nets for airbag covers and airbag systems. In close cooperation with OEMs and tier-one producers, we develop tailor-made restraining systems for various applications. Our hinge net fabrics provide the required tensile strength and durability. We use exclusive industry-proven yarns based on high modulus polyester, polyamide 6.6 and aramid fibers. Depending on the positioning within the vehicle, different grid shapes and cuts are used.

Our production site in Portugal is certified according to ISO/TS 16949 which covers the specific quality management standards of the automotive industry.