Body armor

An inherently dangerous job requires body armor with bulletproof abilities. Military, police and other security services in every branch of the armed forces depend upon body armor and flak jackets to help protect them from combat hazards, such as ballistic projectiles, explosive fragments, slashing, and bludgeoning.

As the requirements are multifold and as the armor testing must reflect the threats found locally, standards for body armor like bullet resistance are often regional/local.

Metal or ceramic plates and tightly woven aramid fiber layers provide armor resistance. Moreover, protective equipment needs to be lightweight and comfortable enough to help improve mobility and reduce fatigue for soldiers and policemen in the field.



We develop and manufacture aramid-based woven fabric constructions for producers of body armor. Our tailor-made solutions are based on close cooperation with our customers, end users, and with our aramid yarn suppliers.

Aramid fiber is five times stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis, offering superior protection against fragmentation and ballistic threats. Aramid fiber is also inherently flame-resistant, helping to provide thermal protection from blasts and fire.

High tensile strength, low weight and thermal stability including high temperature resistance are the key characteristics of our Aramid fabric constructions. Other properties are high tensile modulus, low strain, and an excellent puncture resistance.

Our fabric also provides high resistancy to impacts and abrasion damages.