Composite components

Composites are materials consisting of two or more individual components. They are based on a thermoplastic resin and a reinforcing textile fiber grid. In the automotive industry, composite components are widely used for many automotive parts. One example is splinter protectors which are used in the underbody area of a vehicle.




We develop and manufacture high-tenacity textile grids which are used to reinforce thermoplastic components for the automotive industry. In close cooperation with OEMs and tier-one producers, we develop tailor-made sectional or full-sized reinforcement grids with defined mesh sizes.

Our products fulfil the complex specifications, resulting from the composite production processes as well as from the end-use application. The manufacturing of pre-cut parts is possible in maximum width of 2100 mm. To make the most of pre-cut forms, CAD formats like DXF and AAMA are needed. Vents or holes can be cut or drilled. Multi-layer cutting is also possible.

Our production site in Portugal is certified according to ISO/TS 16949 which covers the specific quality management standards of the automotive industry.