Cow mats

The comfort of cows is one key criteria to ensure their productivity and profitability. In order to obtain an optimal and high level of milk production, cows need to be in a comfortable environment and feel well. If the stable is not comfortable, the cow will spend a shorter time lying down to relax and this can affect milk production, well-being and health.

Cow mats have the ability to protect the cow from hard and cold floors. They also contribute to the claw health of the cow. The mats have to be very strong and tough, resistant to moisture and changing temperatures, and easy to clean. They are usually made from recycled and textile reinforced rubber.







We offer a comprehensive range of woven fabrics which are used to reinforce cow mats. The fabric fulfills all key requirements concerning manufacturing of cow mats and end-use, including stability, high weight load, durability, and abrasion resistance. The mat fabrics are available in different colors up to a width of 300 cm.