Brake systems

The key task of a brake system is to bring a vehicle to a safe stop. Most cars have power-assisted brakes to reduce the effort needed to apply the brakes. By pressing the brake pedal, a differential pressure arises which forces the diaphragm forward to push on the master-cylinder piston and thereby assists the braking effort.

The textile reinforced rubber diaphragm is a key component in air brake systems. Diaphragms need to perform in millions of vehicles and millions of braking cycles, from small cars to big trucks, on highways and off-road as well as in summer and winter.

Brake diaphragms need to comply with regional safety norms and regulations. They are tested in independent laboratories.






We develop and manufacture woven fabrics for brake diaphragms. In close cooperation with OEM´s and tier-one producers, we develop textile reinforcement fabrics for rubber and other polymers to meet performance, safety and regulatory requirements as well as the demands during the manufacturing of the brake system. We enable new solutions based on automotive-proven yarns, optimized fabric construction and design, and the proper fabric treatment or coating.

Our production site in Portugal is certified according to ISO/TS 16949 which covers the specific quality management standards of the automotive industry.