Escalators and moving walkways

Millions of people use them every day in different places like shopping malls, tower buildings, airports, train stations, trade fair grounds or stadiums – escalators and moving walkways can be found everywhere. Escalators transport people from one place to another quickly. They replace stairs between floors or reduce the time for long walking distances, e.g. in airports or train stations.

A key component of escalators and moving walkways is the handrail, which provides support and stability. Handrails need to fulfill requirements like comfortable haptic, high reliability, low maintenance, long lifetime, but also criteria like high resistance to abrasion, high friction to the driving wheel, low sliding friction, lip stiffness, and no rubber penetration. To meet these requirements, handrails contain suitable textile reinforcement materials.







We develop and manufacture woven fabrics for the reinforcement of handrails of escalators and moving walkways. Our tailor-made solutions are based on close cooperation with handrail manufacturers, engineering companies and suppliers.  Our fabrics are designed to meet specific requirements during fabric processing and end-use including adhesion to rubber, tensile strength, dimensional stability, stress tests, smooth performance, outstanding reliability, and long lifetime.