Fencing systems

Fences are used for various applications. Examples are barrier fences (farms, sport fields, events), safety nets, snow fences, cover nets (fish farming), frost protection scrims, decorative fences or FIS-approved fences for ski racing. The requirements depend on the end-use. Typical criterias are tensile strength, safety and lifetime as well as ease of installation.





We develop and manufacture woven fabrics for the production of textile-based fences and scrims, which are used in sports or other areas. Our portfolio ranges from very light to super heavy scrims, e.g. made of polyester or other synthetic yarns. For optimal protection, the scrims are coated with PVC or other sorts of polymer material.
As fences are usually used outdoors, they are protected against UV-light and are stable to temperature changes. The tensile strength ranges from 10 to 200 kN/m and the mesh sizes from 3 to 110 mm. The maximum width is 500 cm. They are available in various colors in accordance with the RAL-scale. Our portfolio also includes scrims with smaller mesh size, which are ready to be printed with advertisements.