Geogrids for separation & protection

Besides their use as reinforcement and stabilization, woven geogrids are also used for separation, protection and filtration purpose. Especially if higher load capacities have to be handled, woven grids are preferred vs non-woven structures, because of their higher tensile strength.

In separation applications, geogrids prevent the mixing of two different soil layers. Protection applications include the use of a geogrid as a stress reduction layer to prevent damage to an adjacent layer as well as a complete sealing system, e.g. in waste and landfill engineering, to protect a lower layer from being contaminated by hazardous substances of an upper layer.

In contrast, open geogrid structures can act as a porous filter which allows the passage of liquids while preventing the passage of solids between two layers.






We develop and produce a comprehensive range of tailor-made geogrids which are used for separation, protection and filtration. We use geo-proven high strength yarns which allow high capacity loads and which fulfil the specific requirements including tensile strength, dimension stability, mesh size, creep, UV-resistance, and durability.

Our geogrids are known as economical products for efficient civil engineering constructions. They are made of selected yarns, woven to a stable grid, and offered as coated or non-coated types dependent on the application. Our grids are available up to a width of 520cm.