Industrial & offshore hoses

A hose is a cylindric tube or pipe designed to carry fluids from one point to another. Key end-use areas for hoses are industrial and offshore applications.

Industrial hoses
Industrial sectors offer a variety of applications which require fluid handling solutions based on hoses. The requirements are multifold depending on the transported substances, system pressure, temperature, transfer rates, and other criteria. The substances can be as simple as air and water or as complex as hazardous and corrosive chemicals.

Offshore hoses
Key areas for offshore hoses are the transfer of crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and chemicals. Harsh and extreme operating conditions are common. The requirements concerning performance, fatigue of material and product lifetime are typically very demanding. International, regional and application specific standards might apply.





We develop and manufacture woven fabrics which are used to reinforce industrial and offshore hoses. Our tailor-made solutions are based on close cooperation with leading hose manufacturers, end users and suppliers to meet the specifications of the hose manufacturing process and the end-use.

Typical criteria include tensile strength, controlled elongation, modulus, fatigue resistance and adhesion to rubber or other polymers. We enable new solutions based on hose-proven yarns, optimized fabric constructions and the proper fabric treatment or coating.