Plaster reinforcements

These days, textile reinforcement is used frequently for residential, commercial or industrial buildings by the construction industry. The main function is the reinforcement of traditional building materials as well as the protection of stressed and strained heavy-duty areas of a building. The requirements depend on the specific plaster area which needs to be reinforced, e.g. inside walls and ceilings, exterior walls, building base, thermal insulation system, or window corners.




We develop and manufacture a wide range of scrims, which are used as textile reinforcement in the construction industry. The material base of the scrims is proven high quality yarns made of glass, polyester or aramid. The reinforced grids are stable against varying temperatures. They have excellent tensile strength and alkali resistance. The frequently occurring tensions in the ceiling and walls are well absorbed by the scrims to prevent cracks in the plaster.

For heavy-duty areas like corners or bases an armored mesh of high tenacity is applied as a supplementary reinforcement.

Our portfolio includes many specialties such as flexible corner mesh constructions to protect window walls, aramid-based wall armoring, glass fiber or polyester scrims, which contain a woven metallic thread as protection against high-frequency radiation.

The scrims come in a maximum width of 400 cm and are offered in various colors.