Road and pavement reinforcement

Nowadays road renovation and restructuring is a high cost factor for communities and governments. This drives the demand for long term solutions with reduced maintenance and repair cost.

Especially cracking of roads is a well-known problem in bitumen-based road surfaces. Typical reasons for cracking are:

The lifetime of a pavement can be extended and maintenance cost can be reduced significantly by using a textile-based paving grid as reinforcement.




We develop and manufacture woven fabric paving grids. We cooperate closely with civil engineering companies to develop grids which meet specific demands.

Our fabric portfolio is based on glass and polyester yarns. Polyester grids provide a high elongation (10-16%) and allow movements of the asphalt layers. Glass grids provide a low elongation (<3%), create rigid asphalt layers and prevent cracking effectively. Our grids are available up to a width of 500cm.

We sell our fabrics for roads and pavements under the tradename Bitutex®.
The 3 main types are: