Rubber tracks

A continuous track driven by two or more wheels is a system of vehicle propulsion. Such systems are widely used for agricultural, construction, sport and snow vehicles, heavy equipment and military vehicles. Historically, tracks are made of modular metal plates. Today, tracks made of rubber dominate the markets. Key benefits of rubber tracks versus steel tracks include less weight, noise and fuel consumption, shorter braking distance, longer periods at higher speed, faster acceleration and less damage of paved roads.





We develop and manufacture woven fabrics which are used as reinforcement for synthetic rubber tracks. In close cooperation with our customers we develop optimized solutions to fulfil the requirements of various end-uses as well as the needs during manufacturing of the rubber tracks. We enable new solutions based on rubber track-proven yarns, optimized fabric construction and the proper fabric treatment to fulfill key criteria like stretch ability, flexibility and dimension stability.

Our production site in Portugal is certified according to ISO/TS 16949 which covers the specific quality management standards of the automotive industry.