Scrims for shading and protection

In agriculture and farming, a controlled and optimized environment is key to success. One challenge is the protection of plants or animals against sun, wind, dust, rain, and snow. In this area, protective shields based on textiles gain more and more importance.

Textiles are an economical alternative to traditional protection methods. They allow good air circulation, more natural daylight, and a more comfortable and hygienic climate, e.g. inside the stables.




We offer a comprehensive portfolio of high tenacity PVC-coated scrims for various uses in agriculture, farming and other industrial areas. Wherever our scrims are used indoor or outdoor, they offer perfect protection. Our UV-stable scrims withstand even hardest environmental impacts.

A wide range of mesh-sizes and colors are available to meet specific customer needs. Our state-of-the-art weaving machines can produce scrims in widths of up to 500 cm.

Our fine-mesh scrims provides the highest degree of wind protection and air circulation. Inside stables or industrial facilities our scrims work as light and permeable wall. Other applications include mosquito-nets, covers, furniture, and decoration elements.