Seals and gaskets

Seals are used in many automotive, industrial and engineering applications. There are different types of seals, e.g. gaskets, O-ring seals, mechanical seals, shaft seals and valve stem seals. A gasket creates a seal at the joining point between two flanges. Seals help to prevent leakage, to contain pressure and to exclude contamination.

Many seals consist of composite materials which contain textile fabrics.





We develop and manufacture woven fabrics for seals and gaskets. The performance requirement for the fabric depends on the manufacturing process of the seal as well as on its end-use. It includes adhesion to rubber, tensile and structural strengths, and temperature and pressure stability.

During development, we cooperate closely with seal manufacturers, end users and suppliers to meet the specific requirements during fabric processing and end-use. We combine industry-proven yarns, optimized fabric constructions and the proper fabric treatmen or coating to enable sustainable solutions for our customers.