Sign materials

At roadsides, building facades, exhibitions or events; everywhere you can see them – textile banners and billboards from XS to XXL-format.

The demand for textile banners is increasing; in particular the demand for large-scale advertisements. Textile banners have distinct advantages compared to other materials including sharper and brighter images, high durability and washability. They have a low weight and are easy to transport. Key requirements include criteria like UV stability, antistatic, flame-resistance, or other special outdoor or indoor-related criteria.






We develop and manufacture woven fabrics for banners and billboards. Our comprehensive portfolio of fabrics is based on proven high-tenacity polyester yarns as well as on non-inflammable glass fiber yarns. Fine mesh-materials for eye-catching advertisement or texturized meshs for outstanding color saturation – our range of fabric is versatile.

We offer our fabrics in greige, treated, PVC- or PU-coated in widths up to 500 cm. Our fabrics can be used in common printing processes like digital printing, screen printing or sublimation printing.