Soil reinforcement

Soil reinforcement is done to improve the soil strength e.g. to carry more load. One method is the use of textile geogrid layers alternating with compacted soil. Examples are steep roadway embankments to improve strength and stability as well as other civil engineering constructions.

The requirements for the geogrids depends on the end-use and include criteria like stability, strain resistance, resistance against aggressive soil components, weather/temperature/UV resistance, easy installation, durability and long lifetime.






We develop and produce a comprehensive range of geogrids and sell them under our well-known SYMPAFORCE® brand. Our geogrids are used to increase the load of common soil for example to stabilize the ground or to build up slopes, embankments and retaining walls as mining or tunnel constructions.

SYMPAFORCE® geogrids are economical products for efficient constructions. They are made of high-tenacity polyester yarns, woven to form a stable grid and coated with a durable polymer. Our grids are available up to a width of 520cm.