Medical and hygiene products

The market for textiles which are used in medical applications is significantly different from all other markets as it requires the highest microbiological and hygiene standards. Typical applications are human hygiene, healthcare and medical practice. The products are multifold, e.g. wipes, diapers, adult sanitary and incontinence products, operation gowns, operating drapes, protective covers and curtains, dressings, sutures, and orthopedic pads, and the requirements are just as multifold.






We develop and manufacture woven fabrics for medical applications to provide properties like strength, protection and safety, abrasion resistance, easy clean, thermal and chemical resistance. Our tailor-made solutions are based on close cooperation with leading producers of medical equipment as well as with our suppliers. We combine selected medical-proven yarns, optimized weave constructions, and fabric treatments and coatings in order to meet the requirements during further fabric processing and end-use.