Swimming pools and ponds

Swimming pools and residential ponds are gaining popularity and are representing a growing market. One key element is a large completely waterproofed and flexible lining, which acts as a water barrier. The liner is reinforced by a textile scrim.

The requirements for the scrims are depending on the end-use and include criteria like tightness, elasticity, flatness, dimensional and temperature stability, durability, and long lifetime.





We develop and manufacture textile scrims to reinforce waterproofed membranes, which are used for pools and ponds. Our comprehensive product portfolio offers perfect solutions for almost every application.

We exclusively use proven high-tenacity polyester yarns with a low shrinkage for our scrims. We produce light to heavy scrims up to a width of 500 cm with a variety of coatings including PVC-dispersion (polyvinyl chloride), PVC-paste, SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), and Acrylate/SBR. An optimized processing ensures a constant and uniform coating of the scrims.