On flat or nearly flat roofs, the prevention of leaks and the removal of water is a key challenge. Traditional roofing constructions are based on asphalt. Here, it can be very difficult to create a seal at all seams and connection points. This can cause leakages and hence high repair and maintenance cost.

Waterproofed roofing based on coated textile membranes are a powerful alternative to traditional asphalt roofing constructions. The new technology is based on membranes, which are resistant to expansion, contraction, temperature changes, weather effects, and UV radiation. The individual requirements depend on the specifics of the roofing construction and location.





We develop and manufacture coated woven fabrics for membranes for waterproofed roofing constructions. Our comprehensive fabric range covers all key roofing applications and key requirements including dimensional stability, temperature and UV-stability, absolute flatness, an optimum resistance to movement, and durability to meet building codes.

For roofing applications, we use high-tenacity polyester yarns with low shrinkage. Our coating materials include PVC-dispersion (polyvinyl chloride), PVC-paste, SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) and Acrylic/SBR. Optimized coating processes ensure a uniform coating of the scrims up to a width of 500 cm. Heavy or light scrims, membranes for ultra-light roofing constructions, patented edges against wind up-lift are three examples or our comprehensive portfolio.